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2010 Draft News and Notes: October 30, 2010

by on Oct.30, 2010 @ 6:24 pm, under NPB

Chunichi Dragons

Yudai Ono (1st round) was pleased that he was selected in the 1st round.  Ono actually wanted to be drafted by the Hanshin Tigers, but it seems he's ready now to become a "Hanshin Killer."  Ono is also hoping to become a pitcher like Wei-Ying Chen.  Said Ono, "I like the way he pitches.  He's not like me at all.  I want to ask him how I can throw like he does."

Daiki Yoshikawa (2nd round) wants to become a player like Kazuyoshi Tatsunami.  Said Yoshikawa, "I really respect [Tatsunami].  I want to become a player just like him, not only in terms of ability, but also in terms of his personality.  I want to win the lead-off spot as a rookie.  I don't want to think 2-3 years, I want to do well in my first year.  I want to try and win the Rookie of the Year Award.

Hanshin Tigers

Daiki Enokida (1st round) wants to make sure the Tigers don't regret having to take him over Tatsuya Oishi.

Shinta Hifumi (2nd round) wants to pursue his pro career as a pitcher.

Yakult Swallows

The Swallows drafted the Hokusho High School battery: catcher Akihisa Nishida (3rd round) and Tomoya Matano (4th round).  They also drafted Yoshinori Sato's younger brother, Takanori Sato (Ikusei 3rd round).

...met with Koki Kitano (Ikusei 1st round) today.  The Swallows like Kitano's speed and fielding abilities.

Yokohama Bay Stars

...met with Kota Suda (1st round) on Friday.  The Bay Stars consider him ready for Ichi-gun.

...met with Kisho Kagami (2nd round) today.  Yokohama is hoping he'll be ready to be a part of the starting rotation in 2011.

Yomiuri Giants

...met with Hirokazu Sawamura (1st round) today.  At the meeting, Sawamura expressed his desire for the number 18, but it seems the Giants are preparing to give him the number 15 instead.  The meaning behind the number 15: Eiji Sawamura wore the number 14 and the Giants want Hirokazu Sawamura to one-up Sawamura.  They also want Hirokazu Sawamura to earn the number 18.

Chiba Lotte Marines

Shota Ishimine (1st round) apparently wants to be called by his nickname, Michael (because he looks a little like Michael Jackson).  Seems it was in response to the fact that the Marines now have four Shota's on the team (three drafted this year plus Shota Omine).

The Marines took a little bit of risk by drafting Shuhei Fujiya (6th round).  Fujiya is currently pitching for the USC Trojans.  Fujiya has stated that he's open to playing in either the US or Japan.

Nippon Ham Fighters

Team president Junichi Fujii drew the winning ticket for Yuki Saito.  Fujii also drew the winning ticket for Sho Nakata in 2007.

The Fighters intend to use Yuki Saito (1st round) as a starter and won't be treating him like a rookie.  He'll also attend Ichi-gun spring camp next season.  Seems they also have complete faith in his skills.  As for Hokkaido, they are hoping Saito will help bring more visitors to the area.  There's also a possible that there might be a Yuki Saito ice sculpture at the upcoming Sapporo Snow Festival (2/7 - 2/13/2011).

Orix Buffaloes

Akinobu Okada lost out on Tatsuya Oishi, Shota Ishimine, and Tetsuto Yamada.

The Buffaloes met with Yuya Miyazaki (3rd round) on Friday.  The Buffaloes consider Miyazaki ready for Ichi-gun.  According to Miyazaki's manager with Sega Sammy (Makoto Sasaki), he's been training to become a regular in the starting line-up for at least 10 years.

Rakuten Eagles

The Eagles may have missed out on Tatsuya Oishi, but they're also happy with Takahiro Shiomi because they also wanted a lefty arm for the starting rotation.

Incidentally, it seems Senichi Hoshino gave himself an 80% for his work on draft day.

Seibu Lions

Hisanobu Watanabe apparently wore darkish red underwear (Waseda team color) on draft day for good luck.

The Lions will be taking Tatsuya Oishi (1st round) to Ichi-gun spring camp next year.

Softbank Hawks

...met with Ayatsugu Yamashita (1st round) on Friday.  It seems Yamashita told the Hawks of his dream to play in the Majors as soon as possible (he wants to be like Kenji Jojima).  But before that can happen, he'll probably need to spend the next 2 years at Ni-gun, polishing up on his abilities.  Yamashita is also confident about this throwing abilities.

General Notes

TV ratings for the draft came in at 13.6% for the Kansai region (with a peak at 16.6%) and 14.4% for the Kanto region.

Seems there's a chance that the draft might be televised during "Golden Time" next year.  That's usually the best time slot on TV and runs between 7pm and 10pm.  And fans will most likely be allowed into the event again next season.

There were apparently some problems entering kanji characters into the new laptop system that was introduced at this year's draft.

Tatsuya Oishi was selected by 6 teams and Yuki Saito was selected by 4.

Three Waseda University pitchers were selected in the first round: Yuki Saito, Tatsuya Oishi, and Yuya Fukui.

29 players were selected during the Ikusei draft (14 pitchers, 2 catchers, 10 infielders, 3 outfielders.  The Giants led all teams with 8 selections while the Hawks took 6.