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10/31/2010: Yabu gives himself to the end of Nov to find job in US

by on Oct.31, 2010 @ 7:50 pm, under MLB

It seems Keiichi Yabu plans on doing some research in the US for potential leads.

Said Yabu, "I'd like to try to find a place to play before the end of November.  I need to sit down with my agent and figure out what to do.  I still haven't given up.  That's why I'm going to the US.  To gather information [about teams that might be interested."

For Yabu, it will either be a job in the US (minors included) or a return to Japan.  In the meantime, he'll be in Arizona meeting with his agent.  There are also plans for him to meet up with former Hanshin Tiger Jeff Williams to work out.