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Seibu Lions: Hiroyuki Nakajima not ready to give up on posting?

by on Oct.31, 2010 @ 12:59 pm, under NPB

According to Nikkan Sports, it seems Hiroyuki Nakajima has not given up getting posted this off-season and will continue to push the matter with the front office.

Said Nakajima, "I thought it might not be good to talk about this stuff considering the team and the fans, but this has been a dream of mine and I really want them to let me go this year."

He continued, "I thought they were going to let me go, so I haven't had a chance to absorb it all yet.  The club told me, "we'll do our best" and to "leave it up to them" and I believed that.  That's why I didn't say anything to the press (about wanting to play in the Majors).  And even though I didn't say anything, it feel like it's already been decided that I would stay.  I feel like the club just made a unilateral announcement and created a bad situation for me."

"I'm not an FA so it isn't my place to decide, but I'd like to discuss this a little more.  I'd also like to talk to the owner as well," added Nakajima.

And it seems there has been a breakdown of communication between the front office and Nakajima.  Nikkan Sports notes the following differences:

The day after the front office sat down with Nakajima (10/29), the Lions said that Nakajima understood the club's stance and was ok with sticking around another season.

After his meeting with the front office (10/28), Nakajima told reporters that he had nothing to say and left without a comment.  The following day Nakajima said that he didn't agree to anything.

The front office also told the club on 10/29 that it was the first time they had heard anything from Nakajima about the Majors.

And Nakajima told Nikkan Sports that it was basically all they talked about during the off-season last year.

Nikkan Sports also mentions that Nakajima didn't appear angry, but rather sad, about how everything has turned out so far.

Note: some information was also taken from this Sports Hochi article.