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Nippon Seishi Kleenex Stadium Miyagi

by on Nov.01, 2010 @ 6:59 pm, under NPB

The Rakuten Eagles announced earlier today that Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd (Nippon Seishi) extended their contract for naming rights to the Eagles' stadium.  The stadium's abbreviated name will remain K-Sta Miyagi (Kスタ宮城), but the full name will become Nippon Seishi Kleenex Stadium Miyagi.

The contract Nippon Paper signed is for an additional 3 years and is worth 200M yen a year (50M to Miyagai and 150M to Rakuten).  The new contract will kick in in January 2011.

Note: Nippon Seishi was originally excluded from the stadium name because there was a scandal involving the company and it was decided it would be better to drop that part of the name.  The original contract also paid out 250M yen a year.