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Softbank Hawks News and Notes: November 1, 2010

by on Nov.01, 2010 @ 11:55 pm, under NPB

The Hawks arrived in Miyazaki on Sunday.  At the airport, Koji Akiyama and Sadaharu Oh were presented flowers in a mini-ceremony.

On the first day of fall camp today, the position players held BP, bunt practice, and base-running drills in the AM and extra hitting / fielding drills in the PM.  The pitchers were split into two groups, one that held bullpen sessions (like Nagisa Arakaki, Kenji Otonari, and Yasushi Kamiuchi) and another that focused on running and working on strengthening their lower body (like Toshiya Sugiuchi, Tsuyoshi Wada, and Takahiro Mahara).

After practice, Oh held about a 1-hour lecture for some of the players.  He also spent some time watching over practice during the day.