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Hanshin Tigers play a situational game

by on Nov.03, 2010 @ 4:05 am, under NPB

The Hanshin Tigers played a situational game yesterday with what seems to be the new NPB regulation baseballTakumi Akiyama, Kazuya Tsutsui, Masanori Fujihara, Tatsuya Kojima, Kai-Wen Cheng, and Kenta Abe all pitched in the game.

Akiyama faced 7 batters, gave up 1 hit, struck out 1, and threw a total 27 pitches.

Tsutsui faced 6 batters and retired them all.  Seems he trying to emulate Jason Standridge.

Kojima faced 9 batters and gave up 2 hits and struck out 4.  He also topped out at 147km/h.

Shunsuke Fujikawa hit a double to right-center and Kohei Shibata made a strong throw from center to throw Yamato out at the plate.  Both Yamato and Katsuhiko Saka collected 2 hits a piece.  All four players are currently competing for a starting job in center.

The ball doesn't carry: A total 46 batters stepped up to the plate and none of them were able to hit the ball over an outfielder's head.  Batting coach Atushi Kataoka told reporters that batters will approach hitting differently if they know the ball won't carry and Akinobu Mayumi said they needed to figure out a way to turn it around and use it to their advantage.

(UPDATED 11:54am - added additional information from the game)