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Waseda Press Conference for Big Three

by on Nov.04, 2010 @ 4:27 pm, under College

Sanspo has posted details from the press conference Waseda held for their big three.

Yuki Saito (Nippon Ham Fighters):

You were selected by four clubs

First, I was grateful to be selected by four clubs.  Both Yakult and Lotte said from early on that they were going to select me and Softbank also selecting me was also great.

On being selected

I didn't really care which of the 12 teams I played for, but I was relieved when it was decided.

On draft day

It was a dream since I was young so I was nervous...  I had a hard time staying relaxed.

On the [Fighters'] president pumping his first [when he won rights to you]

My teammates were excited after since Oishi was selected before me, and when the president was having a little difficult opening up the envelope and my teammates weren't really going crazy so it was like, what's going on.

On the Fighters

I hear they are a good club.  I also hear that people in Hokkaido are also friendly, so I'm looking forward to it.

On three Waseda players getting selected in the first round

Ever since my first year, I've been stimulated by these two.  I'm really grateful that I was able to grow with these two.

On which player you'd like to face

There are a lot of players my age that are doing well, so I'd like to work hard and get to their level.

On your strengths

My control, mechanics, fastball...  I want to improve everything.

On your goal

I just want to do my best.  And I want to avoid getting hurt.

What kind of player do you to be

I want to have a long career that will last in the memories of fans.

Which player you'd like to learn something from

Yu Darvish, since he's basically the best and I think I can learn a lot from him.

On your plans after college baseball

I want to work on strengthening my body.  I just want to show every my best.

On wanting to face Masahiro Tanaka

I feel I first need to catch up to his level, so I just hope to work hard at that.

On what number you'd like to wear

During college I wore 16, 1, and 10.  I don't really have a favorite.  I'll take whatever number they give and do my best to play well.

On Masataka Nashida

I hear he's a really great person.  If I make it onto the club, I really look forward to playing under him.

Tatsuya Oishi (Seibu Lions):

On being selected by 6 clubs

I was just surprised that so many selected me.

On draft day

I was nervous.  And it made me happy that my teammates were so happy for me.

On Hisanobu Watanabe pumping his fist

I was happy.  And relieved.

On the Seibu Lions

They have good pitchers and Kenta Matsushita (Waseda alum) is also there.  I think they're a good club.

On which player you'd like to face

I'd like to go up against other players my age.

On what kind of pro player you want to become

I still don't really know.  If given a chance, I want to put up results.

On your goal

I want to be a player the fans love and a player that can give children a dream to chase after.

On your plans after college baseball

I'd like to finish my thesis. The topic is a secret though.

On Hisanobu Watanabe

He's a former pitcher, so I'd like to learn a few things from him.

Yuya Fukui (Hiroshima Carp):

On the draft

I was really happy.

On the Hiroshima Carp

They seem like a team with a lot of young players.

On the four years after turning down the Yomiuri Giants

I don't think it was detour.

On the other two

I feel like I'm here today because of Saito and Oishi.

On which player you'd like to face

I think it would be nice to face players like Saito and Oshi.

On what kind of player you'd like to be

The kind that fans love.

On your plans after college baseball

I want to win the Jingu tournament and play with my current teammates for as long as possible.  My thesis is to work on my control.

On Kenjiro Nomura

He seems like a tough manager.

According to another Sanspo article, 47 media companies sent 130 people to the press conference.