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Yomiuri Giants News and Notes: November 4, 2010

by on Nov.04, 2010 @ 11:30 am, under NPB

Tatsunori Hara spent about 40 minutes giving with Yoshiyuki Kamei and Ryota Wakiya batting instruction behind close doors.


Kamei also worked out at third base during situational fielding on Wednesday.  And Since Kamei doesn't have a third baseman's glove (he did place an order for one) so he's currently borrowing Taishi Ota's glove.  After situational fielding, Kamei also worked on various infield drills (like bunt plays).

Said Hara, "He's got a good arm. And he looks steady out there so far.  All that's really left is for him to learn how to field the ball [at third] and get used to the position."


Takahiko Nomaguchi tossed 85 pitches under the watchful eye of pitching coach Masaki Saito at Giants Stadium on Wednesday.  Seems the Giants would like Nomaguchi to get to the next step and become a pitcher the club can use.  And one of the things that Giants are having Nomaguchi tryout during fall camp is throwing dropping his arm angle and throwing from the side.


Shugo Fujii plans on doing a lot of running and throwing at Miyazaki fall camp (11/6 - 11/19).  Said Fujii, "I couldn't pitch during the Climax Series this year.  I'd like a chance to pitch in that kind of situation next year.  [In order to do that,] I'll be doing a lot of running and throwing.  I'm thinking between 800-1,000 pitches."

On Wednesday, Fujii tossed 114 pitches in the bullpen while mixing in his off-speed pitches.