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Yuki Saito fever?

by on Nov.04, 2010 @ 5:22 pm, under College

I was just watching a news show (Nスタ on TBS) and they brought up the following three things:

A Kansai university professor said that Yuki Saito could bring Hokkaido 5.2B yen (this actually made the headlines back in October, I just failed to mention it).

A t-shirt company has already designed a "Waseda, 仲間, 2010" t-shirt that will go on sale soon.  (仲間 = nakama = friends)  This is the same design company that created the Aseda t-shirts 4 years ago.

A company that makes masks will be making a Yuki Saito mask.  When they sold a similar mask 4 years ago, they apparently sold about 3,000 of them.  Their target this time around is 6,000.