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Rakuten Eagles: increase home run output

by on Nov.05, 2010 @ 8:31 pm, under NPB

The Rakuten Eagles hit just 95 home runs this past season (only the Fighters had fewer home runs with 91).  Head / batting coach Koichi Tabuchi is hoping to see that total increase to 130 next year by getting the players to put more pelvis / hip into their swings.

"I won't ask players to change their stances," said Tabuchi.  "But I will ask that they try to think more about their pelvises while swinging the bat."

Tabuchi then added, "Singles and walks to keep the inning going is still our main focus, but 95 homers is a little sad.  I'd just like to see us hit about 130."

And it seems Tabuchi likes that he sees in Shoji Ohiro.  Said Tabuchi, "He's got good bat speed and he can put the ball in the air."

2 comments on “Rakuten Eagles: increase home run output

  1. Kyle

    I think the Eagles should try out Andy Marte. He was just granted free agency. He has some power, and plays third base. Good 4A type player who is still pretty young.

    1. Jim

      I remember Marte, he was part of the Coco Crisp trade that brought the latter to Boston. As for his ability, he’s been known for potentially having some pop in his bat, but he hasn’t really shown it at the major league level. His numbers in 80 games last year with Cleveland were .229/9/19/.298.

      He seems to be the prototypical guy who would go to Japan, as his numbers at AAA in 2009 were .327/18/66/.369 (I use ’09 since he played only one game at AAA last year). However, he’s a defensive liability at third with 9 errors at third in 74 games (.960) in ’09, and he was even worse at MLB last year in 45 games (9 errors, .894). He does seem to do well at first, though, as he had a .990 fielding percentage in 32 games at that position.

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