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Softbank Hawks News and Notes: November 5, 2010

by on Nov.05, 2010 @ 2:02 pm, under NPB

Shinsuke Ogura will apparently be working on adding a change-up during the off-season (mimicking Tsuyoshi Wada and Toshiya Sugiuchi).


The Hawks will be inviting former player Kazuhiro Takeda to be a special temporary pitching coach during fall camp in Miyazaki.  Takeda was the pitching coach for the 2006 WBC team and has experience as a starter and a closer (led the league in wins with 13 in 1998 and led the league in saves with 18 in 1991).

UPDATE 8:07pm JST: the Hawks made it official by announcing today that Takeda will be a coach at fall camp beginning on the 9th through to the last day of camp.