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Nippon Series News and Notes: November 8, 2010

by on Nov.08, 2010 @ 5:18 pm, under NPB, Postseason

Hiromitsu Ochiai on the Nippon Series (via Sanspo):

I think we did a good job this year.  But it's all about winning and losing at the end.  Even if we were able to win in the Central League, there was something we lacked [in order to win the Nippon Series].  We need to find that something. ... We aren't the kind of team that can power throw and win.  That's something we need to work on.  And all the players have is practice.

Nikkan Sports has these comments from Ochiai:

No one will place any blame on this team.  I think this team did a good job this year.  There are winners and losers in this business.  The person that feels the most responsibility here is the manager.  It isn't anyone else's fault. ... There are a lot of issues.  We need to take a look at each and address them one by one.  Even if it's good enough to get by in the Central League, it isn't enough to win the Nippon Series.  We need to find what we're missing.  We did a good job getting here, but we aren't the kind of team to power through and win.

Norifumi Nishimura became the 9th manager in Nippon Series history to win the series in his first year.  His comments on winning the Nippon Series:

We did a great job getting here.  Everyone chipped in.  I believed in the players from the very start.  Just like our team slogan "Wa", everyone came together as one. ... 1 month ago we were in the situation where we couldn't afford to lose a game. The players did a great job bouncing back from that.  And we managed to win the Nippon Series because everyone played with confidence.

And Nishimura the day after winning the Nippon Series:

More than the feeling sinking in, I just feel relieved right now.  I was nervous / anxious the entire time. ... I'd like to rest today and tomorrow and begin practice the day after.  There is one more game to go."

Toshiaki Imae on winning the Nippon Series MVP:

I'm really happy to win the MVP again.  But you can't win this MVP without winning the Nippon Series, so I'm also very grateful to my teammates. ... If I do well, people will see what I do.  And it's only during the Nippon Series that I can be seen on national broadcast. ... I haven't been satisfied with my seasons since 2005, but since it what Norifumi Nishimura's first year [as manager], I figured this was also a chance for me to start over.  I had a really fulfilling series."

Tsuyoshi Nishioka on winning the Nippon Series:

The focus this season was on winning and I felt that we could do it.  As a pro baseball player, bringing the manager a championship like this in his first year is the greatest feeling.

Yoshifumi Okada did a backflip at the end of the game.  He was also responsible for driving in the game-winning run in the top of the 12th.  His comments on his at bat:

I was looking for the fastball and counted, 1, 2, 3, and swung the bat. Everyone was playing shallow so the only thing in my mind was to swing as hard as I could.  I honestly can't believe what happened.

The Chiba Lotte Marines' celebration party began around 1am.  And as mentioned before, 3,200 bottles of beer were prepared for the celebration.

The Marines' Championship parade will take place on 11/21 around the vicinity Chiba Marine Stadium.

TV Ratings for game 7 of the Nippon Series (6:00pm - 11:14pm) averaged 20.6%.  Ratings for game 6 (6:00pm - 12:04am) came in at 18.9%.  According to Sponichi, TV ratings for game 6 in the Nagoya region were 30.5% and 34.6% for game 7.

Even though the Chunichi Dragons lost the Nippon Series, a number of Nagoya stores (like JR Nagoya Takashimiya and Eiden) will still holding sales as a show for how well they played throughout the year.

In celebration of the Marines Championship, Lotteria stores nationwide will be selling drinks and M-size fries at half-price until the 14th.  The Marines also have a list of stores at their website that are holding celebration sales.