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News and Notes from various NPB meetings [11/9/2010]

by on Nov.09, 2010 @ 10:18 pm, under NPB

The Central League held a board of directors meeting today. Amongst some of the issues discussed:

The league will continue to use video replays on questionable home runs next season.  The Pacific League is leaning in the same direction.

Yokohama Bay Stars' director, Hiroshi Sasagawa, apologized for the fuss they caused during talks to sell the team.

Hanshin Tigers GM, Shoji Numazawa, is suggesting a one-game play-off in first place tie situations.  Under the current system, if there is a first place tie, the winner is determined in the following order: team with more wins; if that's a tie: the team that won the season series; and if that's a tie: the team with the better record the previous season.

Both leagues also released the Inter-league schedules for the 2011 season.  The IL season will take place between 5/17 and 6/19 and will consist of 144 games.


The NPB held an executive committee meeting today and went over the following items:

They decided to determine the standings for Inter-league play based on 1) winning percentage, 2) wins, and 3) head-to-head records.  Through this past season, the standings were decided based on 1) wins and 2) the previous year's IL standings.

Revenue for the Nippon Series was about 1.8B yen (down 100M yen from last year).  TV and radio revenue was about 560M yen, down about 55M yen from last year.  Ticket revenue came in at 1.24B yen, down 41M from last year.

Ikusei numbers no longer have to be 100 and above.  They can be anything (like 001), so long as they are three digits.

The NPB also held a general meeting to inform the group that they finished about 60M yen in the red for the fourth straight year.  That's actually a lot better than the initial estimate of about 300M yen.  Note: this is for the 2009 fiscal year (10/2009 - 9/2010).


The Japan Profession Baseball Players Association (JPBPA) announced today that their Baseball Christmas event will be taking place on 12/4 at the Metropolitan Komazawa Olympic Park General Sports Ground.  About 30 players are expected to attend the event.  Admittance will be free.