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NPB not satisfied with high TV ratings for games 6 and 7

by on Nov.09, 2010 @ 4:15 am, under NPB

Even though games 6 and 7 garnered high TV ratings, the NPB isn't taking that as a sign that things are turning for the better (and rightly so).

"As individual games, they are very interesting.  But the fundamental problem has not been solved, so we can't afford to be happy with this.", said secretary general of the NPB, Kunio Shimoda.

The problem Shimoda is referring to is broadcasts in general.  This year, only 4 of the 7 games were broadcast on free national terrestrial TV.  And according to a number of unnamed sources involved in the situation, the NPB will probably pull in about 567M yen, the same amount as last year's Nippon Series that went 6 games.


4 comments on “NPB not satisfied with high TV ratings for games 6 and 7

  1. Eric Lord

    Yeah, but the MLB has the same problem whenever a team that isn’t the Yankees or the Sox make the Series. Comparing this year to last year is unfair because last year featured the Giants, who can pull in viewers from outside the Tokyo region, whereas no one outside of Nagoya really cares about the Dragons. If the Giants or Tigers make a deep run next year, I guarantee the numbers for this year will be blown clear off the map.

  2. Steve

    So they don’t promote the series by having it on free TV and complain because not enough people watch?

    Are you sure about that 5.67M yen number? That’s less than a few sections of tickets worth of revenue. Is there a decimal place off there?

    1. Gen Post author

      Ack! Not only do I forget to include a link to the article, I also accidentally added a decimal when one wasn’t needed. My bad.

      Incidentally, the thing with the broadcasts… I’m not entirely sure it was the NPB that decided not to broadcast the games on free national terrestrial TV. The broadcasters may have had a hand in that (I think there was concern about whether or not the Dragons were a big ticket item for good ratings on free national terrestrial TV).

  3. EJH

    There is really no excuse for not televising 3 Japan Series games. Apparently, the broadcasters figured they’d make more money off SMAP or something, but the league is to blame. Under the circumstances they need to do whatever it takes to get the games on TV. Maybe they should have switched the games to daytime and given them for free to NHK. Doing nothing is basically slow suicide for the league.

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