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Softbank: Hitoshi Tamura to exercise FA option on last day?

by on Nov.09, 2010 @ 2:31 pm, under NPB

According to Nikkan Sports, it seems Hitoshi Tamura is leaning closer toward exercising his international FA option.  If he does, it'll likely be done on the 16th, the last day players have to exercise their options.  Tamura has also already informed the Softbank Hawks of the situation and will continue to negotiate with the club until then.

Sponichi also mentions that the Hawks are moving to a contract signing system that gives players a somewhat low base salary full of award bonuses.  And the Hawks are apparently sticking to this system with Tamura.  Unfortunately, Tamura is looking for a multi-year deal with security so that he can move his family down to Fukuoka.

4 comments on “Softbank: Hitoshi Tamura to exercise FA option on last day?

  1. Jim

    Bad news. The Hawks need Tamura in a bad way. They didn’t have any bats down the stretch besides him. That contract system won’t fly these days, and they have to open up the wallets a bit to get back to the Japan Series.

  2. Keith

    Agreed. Low base salary for a guy who had a great 2010. Wouldn’t be surprised if they lose other free agents.

  3. Gen Post author

    I think it also depends on how serious the Hawks are with Uchikawa. I’m not entirely sure they have enough for both, so if the Hawks are already looking to Uchikawa, then they might not approach Tamura with the same kind of energy.

    I can understand that Hawks desire to cover their butts in case a player has a bad season, but this is getting a little ridiculous. If you want to attract players and keep them, you also need to take a risk and reward them appropriately.

  4. Blacklabel

    Yeah he has played on one year deals for a while now, and just wants to move his family to Fukuoka. I dont see why it would be so hard to give him a 2 or 3 year deal so he can do that.

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