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Chunichi: Maximo Nelson gaining interest in the US?

by on Nov.11, 2010 @ 12:20 pm, under NPB

Maximo Nelson returned to the Dominican Republic on Wednesday.  Before leaving, Nelson told reporters that he wanted to do his best regardless of role and wanted to improve on his numbers next season.

It seems a number of MLB clubs, including the Yankees, Giants, and Tigers, also took notice of Nelson's performance during the Nippon Series.

Nelson was actually a fairly good decent prospect for the Yankees in 2005 (ranked 30th in the system by Baseball America at the time).  Unfortunately, he was caught in a marriage scheme and was permanently banned from obtaining a visa in the US.  It seems that permanent ban was lifted and shortened to 5 years.  And that opens up the possibility of Nelson returning to the US next year, should he so desire.

Incidentally, why does it seem like trouble follows Nelson?  Not only does Nelson have this marriage fraud scheme on his record, but he was also caught lying about his identity and age (he used the fake name Willy Pie and listed himself 3 years younger) that kept him stuck in the Dominican Republic between 2001 and 2003, this despite signing a minor league contract with the Yankees in 2000.  Then there's his arrest in Japan for carrying live ammunition back in February that led to a 3-month suspension by the Dragons.