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Chunichi: Shigekazu Mori look for talent to compete with Tony Blanco

by on Nov.12, 2010 @ 3:41 pm, under NPB

As mentioned yesterday, head coach Shigekazu Mori left for South America yesterday in order to check on some untapped talent.  And it seems one of the things they're looking for is a power hitter that can provide some competition for Tony Blanco.

Said Mori, "The biggest positive foreign players provide are their ability to hit homers.  I already told Blanco that I'd bring back a [first baseman].  He did play with a fracture, but there was also a part of him that didn't take this season very seriously.  If it doesn't work, we can always release him partway through the season."

Mori added, "I was asked this year to go find a player that can hit, even if it means we have to pay a little more.  I saw one player that hit the ball further than Blanco.  But that guy was too expensive.  I wonder how he's doing..."

Mori is also scheduled to make a stop in Venezuela to take a look and see how Shinji Iwata is doing.

2 comments on “Chunichi: Shigekazu Mori look for talent to compete with Tony Blanco

    1. Phil

      wow….that is beyond bush league. 32 homers and they are talking about the guy like he had a horrible season. is this their way of trying to push him lol they are being totally classles

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