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Softbank Hawks News and Notes: November 13, 2010

by on Nov.13, 2010 @ 2:45 pm, under NPB

Juan DeLeon, the Ikusei pitcher the Hawks signed back on 10/29, arrived in Japan from the Dominican Republic on Friday.  DeLeon is scheduled to join the team for fall camp beginning on the 13th.  DeLeon actually wanted to join the team early, but had difficulties securing a visa.

DeLeon apparently throw a slider and curve (both with big breaks) in addition to a fastball that tops out at about 150km/h.


According to the free agency rules, teams are allowed to sign up to 2 A class free agents during the off-season if there are less than 21 free agents.  That total goes up by 1 for each 10 additional free agents (up to 5 total), that is, clubs will be allowed to sign 3 A class free agents if there are 21-30 free agents, 4 A class free agents if there are 31-40 free agents, and 5 A class free agents if there are more than 41.

And it seems the Hawks may be willing to sign up to 3 A class free agents if more than 21 players decide to exercise their options.

Incidentally, teams that lose A class (or B class) players are compensated in the form of money alone, or money and a player.  Classes are also determined by salary.


The Hawks will apparently bring back the nokai (end of the year gathering) this year.  The team canceled the nokai last year after an under-aged player drank too much alcohol and had to be rushed the the hospital during the team's nokai in 2008.