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Softbank Hawks interested in Kenshin Kawakami?

by on Nov.15, 2010 @ 4:14 pm, under NPB

The Hawks appear to be interested in Kenshin Kawakami, even though it seems like he wants to continue playing in the US.  The Hawks see Kawakami as a much needed right-handed pitcher for the starting rotation (of the 76 games the team won this year, only 10 were won by right-handed starters).

In other team-related news:

The Hawks added Juan DeLeon to their Ikusei roster today.  DeLeon held his first bullpen session since arriving in Japan on Sunday and threw 65 pitches (while mixing in his off-speed pitches).

Yuki Shimooki thew about 150 pitches in the bullpen on Sunday.  Seems one of the reasons why he threw so many pitches was because he doesn't want to be pushed out of the spotlight by Kenta Imamiya (he hit a homer against the Yomiuri Giants during a practice game the other day).

Koji Akiyama made some changes to a strike zone made out of rope in the bullpen on Sunday by splitting it up into 4 sections.  All in an effort to help bounce back from a season in which the team lead both league in walks allowed with 488.

The Softbank Hawks had two fitness instructors giving another 50 minute aerobics workout at fall camp yesterday.  Seems this was the third time during camp they invited the instructors (the same ones from the first go around).