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4 comments on “Yokohama Bay Stars to part ways with Randolph, Bootcheck, Castillo

  1. Tim

    I think Castillo was doing quite good job last season. Wonder why the BayStars don’t want his service anymore.

  2. EJH

    Probably because he was good. These are the BayStars we’re talking about. They are afraid he might help them win and ruin their reputation.

  3. Blacklabel

    Yeah Castillo exceeded expectations they had when they signed him. So I don’t see why they are going to release all their foreigners and start AGAIN with unknown people. Randolph pitched extremely well when he wasn’t hurt, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t give him another shot as well.

    Not like whatever guy from Double or Triple A with a 8.00+ ERA that they sign for the minimum salary will be any better anyway. I actually expect to see Randolph and Bootcheck back in Japan with other teams next year, I guess wait and see.

  4. Phil

    i guess the baystars think 2nd basemen who hit 19 homers a year grow on trees. big mistake letting castillo go

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