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11 Players filed for free agency

by on Nov.17, 2010 @ 4:57 pm, under NPB

11 players filed for free agency. The last time 10 or more players filed in any given season was back in 2002 (10 filed). The all time high was established in 1994 when 16 players filed.

Pos Player (JPN) Player (ENG) Tm Type Rank DOB


INF 関本 賢太郎 Sekimoto, Kentaro HAN Dom B 08/26/1978 (32) Contract already in place with Hanshin
INF 内川 聖一 Uchikawa, Seiichi YOK Dom B 08/04/1982 (28) Hiroshima, Softbank?
C 細川 亨 Hosokawa, Toru SEI Dom B 01/04/1980 (30) Yokohama, Softbank, Orix?
INF 後藤 光尊 Goto, Mitsutaka ORI Dom B 07/27/1978 (32) Chunichi?
OF 金城 龍彦 Kinjo, Tatsuhiko YOK Int B 07/27/1976 (34) Likely to stay in Yokohama?
OF 多村 仁志 Tamura, Hitoshi SOF Int B 03/28/1977 (33) Majors or NPB.
P 土肥 義弘 Doi, Yoshihiro SEI Int C 09/01/1976 (34) Wants to play in Majors
P 小林 宏之 Kobayashi, Hiroyuki LOT Int A 06/04/1978 (32) Wants to play in Majors
P 建山 義紀 Tateyama, Yoshinori HAM Int C 12/26/1975 (34) Wants to play in Majors
OF 森本 稀哲 Morimoto, Hichori HAM Int B 01/31/1981 (29) Yokohama or stay with Nippon Ham?
C 藤井 彰人 Fujii, Akihito RAK Int C 06/18/1976 (34) Hanshin preparing 3 yr, 250M yen offer?

Ranks and compensation are determined by using the following guideline:

Rank Requirements Compensation
A Within top 3 in team salary A player not included on the protected roster and half the signed players salary; or 80% of the signed players salary
B Within top 10 in team salary A player not included on the protected roster and 40% of the signed player's salary; or 60% of the signed player's salary.
C Rest of the players on the team No compensation

Team in this case refers to the team the player was a member during the past season. Foreign player salaries are not included.