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4 comments on “Orix Buffaloes preparing a 2-year deal for Kazuo Matsui

  1. muratafan

    Perhaps this will free up Goto to the Eagles. He would be an upgrade – especially power-wise – from the Takasu/Watanabe/Uchimura troika. Question is whether the Eagles have the $$$ after signing Iwamura.

    1. Gen Post author

      Sorry, didn’t mean to make it sound as if Goto has leg problems. I just meant that it would be really silly for the Eagles to sign not just Iwamura, but also Matsui. If they’re going to spend money on Matsui, why not spend it on someone like Goto instead?

      In fact, I only like the Iwamura deal if the Eagles _don’t_ sign Matsui. And I’ll like the Iwamura deal even more if they actually sign Goto instead.

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