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Player signings: November 19, 2010

by on Nov.19, 2010 @ 8:15 pm, under NPB

Here is a partial list of players that signed today. For a more complete list, please check out the NPB Salaries section (updated once a day, usually late at night).

Player Team 2011 Change Source
Asakura, Kenta CHU 71.25M yen -23.75M yen Sanspo
Kobayashi, Masato CHU 32.0M yen 0 Sanspo
Koike, Masaaki CHU 29.0M yen -4.0M yen Sanspo
Ogasawara, Takashi CHU 39.0M yen -13.0M yen Sanspo
Uemoto, Hiroki HAN 13.0M yen +3.0M yen Sanspo
Komiyama, Shinji HAN 9.0M yen +3.0M yen Sanspo
Shimizu, Takashi HAN 9.0M yen -1.0M yen Sanspo
Kojima, Tatsuya HAN 10.0M yen -1.0M yen Sanspo
Abe, Shinnosuke YOM 400.0M yen +50.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Fujii, Shugo YOM 70.0M yen +10.0M yen Sanspo
Karakawa, Yuki LOT 34.5M yen +2.5M yen Jiji Press
Omine, Yuta LOT 21.0M yen +1.0M yen Jiji Press
Yoshimi, Yuji LOT 33.0M yen +4.0M yen Jiji Press
Matoba, Naoki LOT 16.0M yen +8.5M yen Jiji Press
Uchi, Tatsuya LOT 17.5M yen +2.5M yen Jiji Press
Okada, Yoshifumi LOT 10.M yen +5.6M yen Jiji Press