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Yomiuri Giants News and Notes: November 21, 2010

by on Nov.21, 2010 @ 6:07 pm, under NPB

Tatsunori Hara could inform Michihiro Ogasawara about a decision to convert him to a full-time first baseman, once it become official.  At this point, it seems like the coaches are still talking things through.  And while it's not entirely clear just what the Giants have told Ogasawara up to this point, it does seem as though Ogasawara will be going into 2011 with the intention of competing with the others for a third base job, or at the very least, prepared to play either position.  That all could change if / when the Giants make up their minds.

Of course, Ogasawara could also just be playing mind games with the other third base candidates (like Taishi Ota and Yoshiyuki Kamei) to keep them on their toes.


Shun Tono worked out at Giants Stadium (about an hour of running and then some weight training) on Saturday.

Said Tono, "You need to train whenever you have time, especially because the off-season can get a little busy events.  I did lots of running during fall camp and figured I could just continue that now."