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MLB teams getting ready for Yu Darvish?

by on Nov.22, 2010 @ 12:34 pm, under NPB

Sports Hochi posted an article about how some teams might be getting ready for a Yu Darvish posting next year.  And they spend about a third of the article discussing the Philadelphia Phillies' interest in Darvish and other Japanese players.  They also mention the Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers, Rangers, and Angels as clubs with enough money to afford Darvish.

The media also found out yesterday that Darvish won't be doing his training in Miyazaki come January, most likely due to his impending divorce (his wife is currently living in Miyazaki).  Darvish also did not attend yesterday's Japan Professional Baseball Players Association's final meeting / gathering of the year (he was excused from the meeting in advance).

Darvish also seemed a little disappointed about a recent Shukan Bunshun article that claimed he might be involved with an unnamed female athlete because they celebrated her birthday together and tweeted, "Celebrating a birthday with a female athlete?  They're just grasping at straws."