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Toshiya Sugiuchi wants Darvish money

by on Nov.22, 2010 @ 4:39 pm, under NPB

Toshiya Sugiuchi made 300M yen this past season.  It seems he's now thinking about demanding that his salary for the 2011 season be at about the same level as Yu Darvish.

Said Sugiuchi, "Over the last four seasons I've won 15 or more games 3 times.  There are only a small number of pitchers that can do that.  I just want them to look at my accomplishments and give me a contract that fits."

Sugiuchi also realistically added, "I only know it from what I've read in the papers, but if Tamura can't get a raise, who can?"

6 comments on “Toshiya Sugiuchi wants Darvish money

  1. Jim

    He doesn’t deserve Darvish money. Not after so many poor performances this year and also how horribly he pitched when the team needed wins (Climax Series ring a bell?)

    1. Steve

      Oh I don’t know – he’s been damn good for a long time. I don’t know that a bit of a down season and Climax collapse means he’s doesn’t deserve Darvish money. Seems like the Hawks would be too cheap to give it to him anyway even if he did deserve it.

      Which reminds me – any chance Saito actually returns this coming year, or is he completely done?

    2. Gen Post author

      Not really trying to make any excuses for Sugiuchi, but he did suffer problems with his hip that almost sidelined him for an extended period of time during the second half of the season. And despite that problem, Sugiuchi still managed to start 27 games.

      I don’t know if he was still having problems during the Climax Series, but that could be a possibility.

      Sugiuchi also did come through with a big win 1-0 shutout against Yu Darvish and the Fighters during his last start of the year. Without that win, the Hawks finish in second.

      Incidentally, if giving Sugiuchi Darvish-type money means saying that he’s on the same level as Darvish, then I don’t think he deserves it. But if we’re talking about relative importance and whether or not that deserves Darvish-type money, then I might be able get on board with that.

  2. muratafan

    When is Sugiuchi due for a posting? This seems like the beginning of the end for the Hawks-Sugiuchi relationship. I’m sorry, but asking for Darvish $$$$ seems a bit outlandish to me since not only does Darvish pitch extremely well (much lower ERA than Sugiuchi), but Darvish also packs the stands at the Sapporo Dome. Sugiuchi would fetch some pretty serious $$$ for posting since he’s a lefty who has shown some durability and isn’t nearly as flightly as Kei Igawa. I am also sure that the pitching-starved Giants and Tigers would love to have Sugiuchi.

    Is it me or is this one of the most active hot-stove off-seasons in NPB for some time? Lots of player movement and lots of fun!

    1. Gen Post author

      I think he earns his domestic FA next year.

      Incidentally, I’ve read / heard that Sugiuchi doesn’t have much interest in the Majors.

  3. Jim


    Saitoh is likely done. He’s had three surgeries on his right shoulder in two years, and he is just now able to throw at a distance of 25 meters (82 feet), but only for about 15 minutes. If Saitoh does come back and pitches well, then it’ll be nothing short of a miracle.

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