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Softbank players concerned about team’s change in policy for determining salaries?

by on Nov.23, 2010 @ 2:27 pm, under NPB

It appears the Softbank Hawks' players are concerned about the suddenly change in policy for determining player salaries and contracts.  Directory Itaru Kobayashi told reporters yesterday that he plans on spending time explaining all the changes in order to show how their new system will actually be better than before.

Said Kobayashi, "Player performances and team performances won't be ignored.  Players that do well will see their [salaries] rise."

However, the sticking point doesn't necessarily seem to be the new system itself, but rather the club's decision to change the system after the end of the season.  And not just any season, but also a season in which the Hawks finished in first and a handful of players had fairly big years.

In other words, and I'm basing this on what's been mentioned, the players think the Hawks will essentially throw out what they did this year and what they did in the past and only consider what player may do in the future via incentives clauses.

So players like Munenori Kawasaki (set a new career high in hits with 190, Tsuyoshi Wada (won an MVP award and set a career high in wins with 17), and Toshiya Sugiuchi (tied a career high in strikeouts and set a new career high in shutouts with 5) actually stand to lose money, at least in terms of what they accomplished this year.

While it's possible the Hawks may have something planned for players that performed well this year, it doesn't seem likely based on how the team is handling Tamura (a player that led the club in homers, RBIs, and batting average this year).