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One comment on “Yakult Swallows’ Fan Appreciation Day

  1. Deanna

    Did not. Keizo Kawashima dropped the ball. On purpose. (The entire game was fairly choreographed.) Yuki Kawabata later went on to score a run, but not before getting caught up in the entire team having a benches-clearing brawl that resulted in them undressing Hiromitsu Takagi and leaving him on the field in only his shorts.

    Also, it was a friendly 3-inning game of NANSHIKI rubber ball, which was more ridiculous than you’d think, and featured pitchers like Shinya Miyamoto and Kazuhiro Hatakeyama. They had Bun-bun-maru Ikeyama ALSO come in to pinch-hit at one point, still wearing a suit.

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