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Yokohama Bay Stars’ Fan Appreciation Day

by on Nov.23, 2010 @ 9:33 pm, under NPB

About 24,000 fans attended the Yokohama Bay Stars' Fan Appreciation Day today.  Takao Obana showed up to the event with his hair buzzed down fairly short.  He spoke in front of the fans and apologize for the poor season and promised to do better next year.  The Bay Stars also managed to raise 785,000 yen for relief efforts in Amamioshima via their charity auction.

7 comments on “Yokohama Bay Stars’ Fan Appreciation Day

  1. EJH

    24,000 “fans”?!?! I don’t believe there are that many BayStars fans in the whole country. They must have been promising free beer.

    1. Gen Post author


      DYK: the Bay Stars averaged 16,800 this past season, good for second worst behind the Rakuten Eagles’ 15,856. The Bay Stars also had the second worst draw for a single game this past season: 6,211 on 6/15 vs the Softbank Hawks. The worst draw for a single game this past season belongs to the Yakult Swallows: 6,202 on 6/15 vs the Nippon Ham Fighters.

  2. EJH

    Thanks for the trivia, Gen. The few BayStars fans that actually exist must be true fanatics (or maybe there are a lot of masochists in Kanagawa). If you look at it objectively (and I realize being a fan is just about the opposite of being objective), why would anyone want to pay to watch the BayStars play? I find it amazing that they average 16,800 fans (suckers?) per game.

    Regarding that Yakult-Nippon Ham figure, I am assuming that game was not in Sapporo. If it was at Jingu, I think it shows (once again) that Ham made a good move when they relocated to Hokkaido.

    Speaking of Ham (and I often do), I understand the company’s need to play some games each season in Tokyo (although I personally think it is pointless), but I really do wish they would schedule those dates against Orix or Softbank (teams without much of a Tokyo-area fan base) instead of always (it seems) Lotte. They are basically giving up home field advantage in exchange for a large gate every time they play Lotte down there. When I listen to those games on the radio, it sounds like a Lotte home game.

    1. Steve

      I of course am horribly biased but almost every road Lotte game sounds like a Lotte home game. One of my coworkers (a Softbank fan) was lamenting this to me last week. Heck, we were considerably louder than the rest of the Nagoya Dome in game 7 and we were perhaps 5% of the attendees.

      Would be nice if Fighters played someone other than us once a while in the Tokyo Dome.

  3. Blacklabel

    Yeah when I was looking around at the Fan Fest, I was thinking “where are all these people when there are actually GAMES?” and “why are all these people in lin e to get an autograph from someone they dont even know who it is or who are not a fan of”?

    Then realized it was Japanese holiday and free entrance and that the national pastime of Japan is standing in line for something, and there was my answer. Plus in the charity auction, items from EX-Baystars got much higher bids than the current members, that was interesting too.

  4. Ed

    I grew up watching baseball in Yokohama. I am not still sure if Yokohama is less popular now than it was in the most part of the 90s. NPB didn´t start counting the attendance up until quite recent so… Granted whenever Giants used to play the stadium was always sold out and the right field gaya was packed. That effect is now gone. And Tigers don´t always draw a full house either, apart from that I´m not really sure if the team is less popular now than it used to be… 16,000 is not bad. Not great either but, considering the situation and the old stadium they play in… On weekends Yokohama usually draw a decent crowd. Good to know, it can´t get any worse.

  5. Ed

    Speaking of Tokyo Dome, funny how there seems to be more Lotte fans in Tokyo Dome each time they play than in Makuhari on week days. Think it is great the Ham plays in To Dome as long as it is against Lotte.

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