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2010 Draft News and Notes: November 25, 2010

by on Nov.25, 2010 @ 2:35 pm, under NPB

Chunichi Dragons

...agreed to basic terms with Daiki Yoshikawa (2nd round) today.  Contract 7.2M yen, bonus 65M yen.

...agreed to basic terms with Keisuke Seki (5th round) today.  Contract 5.4M yen, bonus 27M yen.

Hiroshima Carp

...agreed to basic terms with Yuki Iwami (3rd round) today.  Contract 12M yen, bonus 60M yen.

Yakult Swallows

...agreed to terms with Tetsuto Yamada (1st round) today.  Contract 7.2M yen, bonus 75M yen.  He was also assigned the number 23.

...agreed to terms with Kentaro Kyuko (5th round) today.  Contract 10M yen, bonus 40M yen.  Kyuko was assigned the number 26.

Yokohama Bay Stars

...agreed to basic terms with Kota Suda (1st round) today.  Contract 15M yen, bonus 100M yen. Suda was assigned the 20.

Yomiuri Giants

It appears the Hanshin Tigers plan on keeping an eye on Hirokazu Sawamura (1st round) during spring camp.  While the Tigers did a lot of research on Sawamura for the draft, it seems they'll continue that research into spring camp so that they're 100% ready when they face him.

Chiba Lotte Marines

...agreed to terms with Masaki Minami (2nd round) today.  Contract 15M yen, bonus 70M yen.  It seems he was also assigned the number 33.

Nippon Ham Fighters

Yuki Saito (1st round) is apparently excited about being able to play alongside Yu Darvish.  Said Saito, "I'm glad that I'll have a chance to be around Darvish for at least 1 year.  There are a number of things I'd like to ask him.  Like things on training, mechanics, diet, just about everything." ... It seems Saito is thinking about donating 10M yen to Waseda so that they can install a new electronic scoreboard at their training grounds. ... Saito doesn't care about how his name is registered and said that whatever most players do is fine by him. ... Purse / bag snatching is apparently a major problem in Chiba, especially in Kamagaya where the Ni-gun facilities are located.  And there appears to be a proposal to use Saito's image on posters to help warn the general public of the problem (and perhaps keep would-be snatchers from stealing). ... Saito and Tatsuya Oishi (Seibu, 1st round) worked out at the Waseda training grounds on Wednesday.  The press is already hyping a possible match-up between the two pitchers on 3/27.  Said Saito, "I first need to get to that stage, but such a possibility makes me happy." ... Saito is hoping to get involved in charities for children and people with diseases.  Seems the current situation in Korea has gotten Saito thinking about how lucky he is to be able to play baseball. ... The Fighters are planning on having Saito pitch to as many different catchers as possible during spring camp.

Orix Buffaloes

...agreed to basic terms with Yuki Miyazaki (3rd round) today. Contract 12M yen, bonus 65M yen.  The Buffaloes have now finished signing all their draft picks.

Seibu Lions

Tatsuya Oishi (1st round) worked out with Yuki Saito (Nippon Ham, 1st round) at the Waseda training facilities on Wednesday.  The two could face each other on 3/27.  Said Oishi, "Well, I don't really want to worry about that right now, I just want to make sure I do what I can to make the Ichi-gun roster."