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Rakuten Eagles still on the lookout for a starter / closer?

by on Nov.25, 2010 @ 5:21 pm, under NPB

Even though the Rakuten Eagles went out and signed Akinori Iwamura and Kazuo Matsui, they apparently aren't done making deals.  Speaking on Nippon TV's NEWS ZERO last night, Hoshino said that even if Hisashi Iwakuma returns next season, there can never be enough pitching and that the team would continue to look into finding a starter and a closer.


A group of Rakuten supporters (made up of local businesses and fans) got together for a party on Wednesday.  Seems the group is already talking about ideas for a victory parade and are referring to the Nippon Ham Fighters' parade from last year.

5 comments on “Rakuten Eagles still on the lookout for a starter / closer?

  1. EJH

    Gen, I have great faith in your translating skills, but I am wondering if you got this one right. Does it really say Rakuten people are planning a victory parade for next year for a team that just finished the season deep in last place? I mean, that would be bold even for one of the good teams.

    1. Gen Post author

      These aren’t actually Rakuten personnel, but rather fans. And fans can dream, can’t they? ;)

    1. Gen Post author

      Well, I think many Eagles’ fans (not all of course) are extremely happy that Hoshino was hired to manage the team. They’re probably also happy to see the team go out and sign two “name-brand” players. They might end up being dead-weight, but if Hoshino is right about Kazuo Matsui and Akinori Iwamura, AND Iwakuma ends up returning, the Eagles might have something of a chance. Not to finish in first, but perhaps finish within the top three.

      The Pacific League could end up being a lot of fun to watch next season.

  2. EJH

    As a Ham fan, I, too, am glad Rakuten hired Hoshing…because I think he is an awful manager that will ensure the Eagles will not be a threat for several more seasons.

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