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Softbank Hawks: Hiroki Kokubo to work out in Arizona

by on Nov.25, 2010 @ 10:59 pm, under NPB

Hiroki Kokubo recently told reporters that he plans on working out in Arizona in January (1/4 - 1/27).  And unlike previous seasons, he plans on going it alone -- a couple of players like Kenji Akashi and Yuya Hasegawa apparently asked if they could join, but all of them were turned down.

Said Kokubo, "My baseball career is winding down and I'd like to focus that limited amount of time on doing things for myself. ... I'd like for them to understand my needs.  I don't want to work out while having to worry about the younger players, I just want to do things at my own pace."

In other team related news:

The Hawks held their year-end meeting / gathering earlier today in Kumamoto.  The Hawks skipped their year-end meeting / gathering last year because an under-aged player required a hospital visit after drinking too much at their year-end meeting / gathering in 2008.