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Yomiuri Giants to hold a winter camp?

by on Nov.25, 2010 @ 5:05 pm, under NPB

It seems the Yomiuri Giants decided to hold a winter camp for Ikusei players in early December (about a 3 week period).

Under current NPB rules, teams are now allowed to coach players on the 70-man roster between 12/1 and 1/31.  But since Ikusei players fall outside of this rule, and the Giants also happen to have 23 Ikusei players, holding a 3-week winter camp actually makes sense.  It also means the Giants' Ikusei players will have a better chance of staying in playing condition during the winter, a time when it seems many Ikusei players can't always afford the proper training opportunities.

The winter camp will not be a requirement for Giants' Ikusei players.  Ni-gun coaches will also provide instruction the camp on a rotation.

In other team related news:

Takahiko Nomaguchi's uniform number will be changing from 33 to 45.

Hidetoshi Tsuburaya, an infielder by trade, is apparently willing to play anywhere the team wants him to, that includes catching and the outfield.  Tsuburaya is also working on adding some bulk and has already tacked on 4kg (75 to 79).  Tsuburaya is ultimately hoping to hit 82kg.

Hisayoshi Chono was selected to receive the Hochi Pro Sports Fresh Award.