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3 comments on “Eri Yoshida wants to play in the US again next year

  1. bbdad

    Gen…Im saw her pitch several times in the GBL. Really, with her popularity in Japan, she should play in Japans’Indy leagues as she did before. She really doesn’t have the skill level to compete at a AA AAA level as the league is rated. Also, checking her record here in Japan, she really hasn’t proven herself here yet. The US teams are using her to fill seats and she is really out of her skill element. I hate to see this happen, but I guess her adviser is calling the shots. Respectfully, if she ever wants to be successful in baseball, I would advise her to compete in Japan rather than be a spectacle fot US Indy ball.

  2. BBMedia

    Having seen her pitch, and given the fact that she only pitched in ideal situations (once per each team — with limited success and a 12+ era), I’d have to concur with bbdad’s opinion. I think it’s really important that as women break into pro baseball that it be for the right reasons — as legitimate players — not to sell seats or be media spectacles. I think staying in Japan and working on her game may be a good choice for now. I think she would be far more successful as a pitcher (and legitimately so, perhaps)if she is used in short relief. I’d like to see her add some muscle and work as a short reliever, earning her way back to the US if that’s her desire. I wish her the best in her development.

  3. bbdad

    BBMedia…Nice work – Eri needs to work on her development in the Indy league in Japan in 2011. Short relief or situational spots to get an out or two are her best chance to improve. With the state of Indy ball in the US it also makes sense to play in Japan for now. If she can find a team that will allow her to grow and work on her game, I think it will be a great benefit to her. Being in relief may not put fans in the stands, but her confidence and spirit would grow. My son is a pitcher and played in the same league and he feels the same way…let her grow in her country and develop a more sound approach, then venture out and test the waters. Good luck to her and I hope she makes the right decision to stay in Japan for 2011.

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