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Chunichi Dragons News and Notes: November 28, 2010

by on Nov.28, 2010 @ 3:54 pm, under NPB

Kazuki Yoshimi is planning on having a special pair of cleats made for Tokyo Dome.  Seems he wants a pair of cleats that are lighter with better traction and will be placing an order for them some time in early December.

Said Yoshimi, "I've had problems with slipping on the mounds at Tokyo Dome and Jingu Stadium and was uncertain about whether I should have different cleats.  I don't have any problems in Hiroshima or Yokohama, but the other two just don't feel right.  I want to try being proactive."


Hitoki Iwase told reporters on Saturday that he'll probably be able to sign on his first day of 2011 salary negotiations with the team.  Iwase's salary for the 2010 season was 430M and estimates place his salary for the 2011 season around 500M yen.  Iwase also added (perhaps jokingly) that he didn't want to be the highest paid Japanese player in the NPB next season.