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Orix Buffaloes’ Fan Appreciation Day

by on Nov.28, 2010 @ 9:05 pm, under NPB

About 14,000 people showed up for the Orix Buffaloes' Fan Appreciation Day.  Mitsutaka Goto apologized for the concern he may have caused fans when he exercised his FA option.

The Buffaloes also introduced the 5 players they drafted this year:

Ord Name Uni
1 Goto, Shunta 8
2 Mitsumata, Taiki 30
3 Miyazaki, Yuki 24
4 Tsukahara, Shohei 59
5 Fukae, Masato 68

Regarding the draft itself, Akinobu Okada told fans that while losing the draft lottery three times in a row was disappointing, it was also fate.