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Hanshin Tigers News and Notes: November 29, 2010

by on Nov.29, 2010 @ 12:45 pm, under NPB

Atsushi Nomi wants to become more like former Tiger Kei Igawa next season in terms of being able to pitch deeper into games (Igawa recorded 35 CG over 8 seasons in the NPB).

Said Nomi, "The bullpen is good, but I want to diminish their workload as much as possible. ... I need to set the pace and go one inning at a time.  It isn't easy tossing a complete game, since you also have to consider the momentum, but being able to toss complete games would be great."


Kazuya Tsutsui worked out at Koshien on Sunday.  He told reporters that he plans on setting up a practice schedule, that he'll begin in December, after going to Midori Clinic in Mie for advice on what he needs to work on.


Ryunosuke Yokoyama is working on a sinker with late break.  He has also been working on a cutter since October (Pheonix League).  Yokoyama throws a fastball, slider, shuto, and fork and felt that having a sinker might help mix things up a bit more.

Said Yokoyama, "My cutter and fork are a little fast.  They aren't that much slower than my fastball.  But there is a speed difference with my sinker."


Yasutomo Kubo doesn't plan on signing off on any deal with the Tigers until he's fully satisfied.  And he'll use his agent to go through every possible detail.

Said Kubo, "I want to know why they offered the amount they did.  For example, for starters, do they value innings or wins?  Do they take a lot off on losses, those kinds of things.  I want to know how they assess their players."


Shunsuke Fujikawa is hoping to rack-up double-digits steals next season.  And to that end, it seems he'll be order cleats that are slightly lighter -- instead of 9 spikes on the bottom of his cleats, he'll have 8 and that should make each shoe about 3 grams lighter.  Incidentally, Fujikawa has an equipment contract with Zett.

On Sunday, Fujikawa spent his time working on his hitting and double-checking the use of his lower body.


Wei-Chu Lin is planning on bulking up during the winter.