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Free Agents Quick Notes: November 30, 2010 (UPDATE 1)

by on Nov.30, 2010 @ 11:50 am, under NPB

At least two reports (Sports Hochi and Sanspo) seem to think that Hichori Morimoto will take the Yokohama Bay Stars 3-year deal worth a total 300M yen deal.  Sanspo takes it a bit further and says that the Bay Stars could make announcement of a signing as early as 12/1.  And according to Sports Hochi, the Bay Stars originally planned to go into their meetings yesterday with a 2-year deal worth a total 200M yen, but raised it at the last minute.

The Fighters currently have a 1-year, 80M yen deal on the table.


At least three reports (Sponichi, Sanspo, and Sports Hochi) have posted reports stating that Seiichi Uchikawa has decided to sign with the Softbank Hawks.  All three articles are pointing to the canceled meeting with Hiroshima as positive signs that Uchikawa has decided on playing for the Hawks.

Uchikawa is also quoted as saying (by Sponichi) the following (not exactly sure when): "I was born in Oita, so being in Kyushu would be really big for me.  And I would like to have my parents watch me play in a stadium close to them."

A separate Sponichi article mentions that the Bay Stars plan on calling Uchikawa soon, but aren't expected to put up a big fight to keep him.

Currently on the table: the Bay Stars either offered a 4-year deal worth 1B yen or a 3-year deal worth 900M yen deal; Hiroshima offered a 3-year deal worth 600M plus incentives; and the Hawks offered a 4-year deal worth up to 1.2B yen.