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Softbank Hawks News and Notes: November 30, 2010

by on Nov.30, 2010 @ 12:14 pm, under NPB

Tsuyoshi Wada took off for Arizona on Monday in order to work out at places like Athletes Performance.  Wada will be working on trying to improve his stamina and conditioning so that he can pitch deeper into games.


Munenori Kawasaki wants the Hawks to take a look at what he's done over the years and won't sign anything unless he's fully satisfied with any deal the club presents him.  Seems this is in reaction to hearing of the new way the Hawks are assessing salaries for the 2011 season.

Kawasaki also started playing catch and taking BP on Sunday.  Kawasaki is coming back from right elbow surgery.  After spending about an hour on warm-ups and various other strengthening exercises, Kawasaki played catch, at a distance of about 15 meters, for about 10 minutes (indoors).  He then went on to hit about 50 pitches during soft toss BP.


Yuya Hasegawa doesn't plan on swinging the bat until January and will instead focus on strengthening his lower body.


Hiroki Kokubo doesn't plan on giving up first base to anyone, even if the Hawks land players like Seiichi Uchikawa (he'll probably play the OF) and Alex Cabrera (he's a basically a first baseman).  And he doesn't want to DH either.


If Hisashi Iwakuma ends up staying with the Rakuten Eagles in 2011, Toshiya Sugiuchi will be looking forward to facing him again.

Said Sugiuchi, "Has it been decided yet?  Not yet right?  Do I want him to stay?  I suppose, since that would help excite the fans.  Iwakuma, Darvish, Ma-kun.  There's a definite sense of accomplishment if you can win an award while pitching with those guys."