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A little more on Hideaki Wakui’s negotiations from Wednesday

by on Dec.02, 2010 @ 3:28 pm, under NPB

It seems the Seibu Lions told Hideaki Wakui that they were actually thinking about giving him a pay cut instead of offering the same deal he got this year.  It appears they also told him that he couldn't come through with the big wins.

Lions' GM Yasuo Maeda told reporters that while 14 wins does make for a solid season, the club expected more out of Wakui.

Wakui is now thinking of taking an agent along with him during the next round of negotiations.


In other team related news:

Hiroshi Hirao met with the Lions today and was offered 38M yen (up 4M yen); he put the offer on hold.

Said Hirao, "I asked for 3 years and 300M yen, but they didn't want to agree with that (laughter). ... I wanted to speak my mind for those that are a little more reserved.  I'm getting older and I don't think my career will last much longer.  So I figure they can listen a little after a decent season.  In either case, I'm satisfed with the offer and everything should go through fine the next time we meet."

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  1. Steve

    “Yeah, what have you done for us lately, Wakui? We expect perfection every year.”

    No wonder NPB stars bolt for MLB the first chance they get. Sheesh.

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