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JPBPA meets and discusses posting system and other things

by on Dec.02, 2010 @ 9:55 pm, under NPB

The Japan Professional Baseball Players Association (JPBPA) met for a general meeting at a hotel in Osaka earlier today.  Amongst some of the issues that were discussed:

  • The JPBPA formally decided to keep Takahiro Arai on as chairman for a third consecutive term.
  • About 45 JPBPA members and players attended a course on removing the presence of gangster organizations from baseball.  The course was put together by the NPB and included a lecture by law enforcement officials.
  • The JPBPA decided that they will approach the 12 teams of the NPB in order to request that reforms be made to the current posting system.  Said Kyuji Fujikawa, "The current system doesn't do anything for the players or the teams. ... For the sake of the NPB, we need to improve the system.  We need to fix it for the next generation of players."  Takahiro Arai added, "Since only one club gets negotiating rights, a situation [like Iwakuma's] was bound to happen.  It was something we were worried about, and now it has actually happened."  One of the suggestions appears to involve allowing up to three clubs to win negotiation rights.
  • The JPBPA also discussed the current pension system.  Since a final decision could not be reached, the JPBPA decided to keep deliberations open and will gather opinions from all players during spring camp next year.