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Softbank Hawks News and Notes: December 2, 2010

by on Dec.02, 2010 @ 10:25 pm, under NPB

Hiroki Kokubo was asked about what he thought of Seiichi Uchikawa joining the Softbank Hawks on Wednesday and apparently had this to say:

He's a player that has shown stability on offense over the last few years.  He'll be good for motivation. ... But we sort of do overlap on positions. ... He's obviously an upgrade.  And improving the team is a good thing, but if Cabrera also comes, where does that leave me and Matsunaka?  What about Ortiz?  I plan on bringing those things up, in addition to other things, when I speak to them about my salary."


Kenta Imamiya plans on picking Uchikawa's mind when he has the chance.

Said Imamiya, "I'm normally not the type to seek help / advice from others.  But he's a right-handed batter that has put up impressive numbers.  He's my ideal type of batter.  I'd like to ask him some questions and absorb as much as I can."


Hiroyuki Kawahara is planning on learning how to throw a change from Toshiya Sugiuchi during the off-season.  Seems the two might be working out together in January.


Dennis Houlton was left off the Hawks' Holdover List and effectively became a free agent today.  It seems the Hawks are still on the fence with Houlton and may end up bringing him back next year, but it seems the club is also worried about their foreign player limit.  Regarding Alex Cabrera, chief of player development Itaru Kobayashi said that he never said the club was interested in him and that he had no comments to make about him.