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Softbank Hawks: Seiichi Uchikawa to play the OF

by on Dec.03, 2010 @ 4:05 pm, under NPB

The Softbank Hawks have apparently asked Seiichi Uchikawa to play the outfield next season. Uchikawa appears to be on board with that plan.

Said Uchikawa, "I've played every position [in the outfield].  If the coaches tell me to play somewhere, that's where I'll play and do my best.  I don't really have a preference.  I also don't have any intention of approaching the club about that.  Center?  I've played center during exhibition games.  I'll do what it takes."

For those keeping score, here are some of the players that Hawks started in the outfield this year. I've also included starts at DH and Hiroki Kokubo:

Player 1B LF CF RF DH
Jose Ortiz 0 75 0 15 15
Nobuhiko Matsuanaka 0 26 0 0 37
Yuya Hasegawa 0 2 128 1 0
Hitoshi Tamura 0 0 0 136 2
Hiroki Kokubo 109 0 0 0 3

Assuming the Hawks do sign Alex Cabrera, he'll probably DH.  That means Jose Ortiz will start in left.  Nobuhiko Matsunaka could platoon with Ortiz and or Cabrera, depending on his knees.  The player that will likely get left out in all of this is Yuya Hasegawa.

In other team news:

Kokubo apparently promised some kids on Thursday that he'll hit his career 400th homer on opening day (3/25 vs Orix at Yahoo Dome).  Kokubo is currently sitting on 399.