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Chunichi Dragons want to make Wei-Ying Chen negotiations public

by on Dec.04, 2010 @ 3:21 pm, under NPB

Director of team development Takashi Ide spoke to reporters yesterday about Wei-Ying Chen and said that he wanted to make negotiations open to the public.  Up to now, the Dragons have meeting with Chen's agent behind-the-scenes and it appears as though negotiations haven't been going quite as well as they had hoped.

Said Ide, "I think they're asking us for things that make no sense.  We'd like to invite someone to the negotiation table to hear what's actually being said.  Maybe they can also try to explain what they want to the media."

In addition to asking the NPB of their opinion on matters, it seems the Dragons will also recognize Chen's current agent as an official representative, even though he isn't a lawyer.

Chen's camp is currently pushing the fact that Chen is a foreign player and should be treated as such.  In other words, Chen should be given the option to decide whether or not he wants to stay with the team after the 2011 season.

6 comments on “Chunichi Dragons want to make Wei-Ying Chen negotiations public

  1. Kyle

    How patently ridiculous of the Dragons. Chen is going to one really unhappy guy after all of this. When can he freely leave for the MLB?

    1. Gen Post author

      That’s the thing, I don’t know if anyone really knows when he’s eligible to become an FA. Based on what the Dragons have said in the past, it seems they have control over him indefinitely.

      And this is why Chen is asking that he be treated like any other foreign player when their contract ends — that is, automatically become a free agent.

      I’m really curious about what kind of contract Chen signed.

  2. Steve

    ForrestHsia, it seems they think he’s their slave. It’s horrible how they’re treating him. It goes to show how good of a guy he is that he gets treated like crap and still pitches well.

    He should run off to MLB and let Chunichi try to sue him. I doubt whatever contract they hold him under would hold up under scrutiny. How can they possibly restrict him so much?

    1. Gen Post author

      It really is horrible how the Dragons are treating Chen. I’m equally surprised that the Dragons were able to get Chen to sign a contract that virtually locked him in with the team indefinitely.

      Japanese contracts tend to be extremely short (they tend to leave a lot of things open and prefer to deal with issues on an as-needed basis), so it’s possible Chen didn’t find anything wrong with the original contract.

      It also makes me wonder if the Dragons signed other foreign players to similar deals and if other teams have tried to do the same (where there’s one, there can be many).

  3. Jim

    I think the Dragons are doing this to make Chen look like the bad guy. Really, he’s just a guy who wants to follow his dreams (and the money). What Chen needs is a good lawyer to evaluate that contract he signed.

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