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Hanshin Tigers News and Notes: December 5, 2010

by on Dec.05, 2010 @ 10:06 pm, under NPB

It appears Takahiro Arai is in a bit of a competition with Kenji Jojima when it comes to stolen bases.  Jojima stole 9 bases last year while Arai only managed 7.  And while Jojima set a career high of 10 stolen bases in a season back in 2000, Arai just finished setting his new career of 7.

"Hitting and fielding are important, but so is running.  I think Jo stole 9 bases this year while I stole 7.  I'm positive that I'm faster than Jo.  I want to steal more bases than Jo next year.  [10] is within reason.  I'd like to steal at least that many," said Arai.

If Arai records double-digit steals while batting out of the clean-up spot next season, he'll apparently be the first Tiger to do that since Tsuyoshi Shinjo in 2000.


Naoshisa Sugiyama is coming off right elbow surgery (10/29).  On Saturday he started throwing into a net (3 sets of 20 pitches).  Sugiyama told reporters that he didn't feel any pain and that his rehab was moving along smoothly.  The trainers expect Sugiyama to be able to play catch at a distance of 70 meters before the end of the year.


Wei-Chu Lin will apparently use a Seiichi Uchikawa model bat (2008 model) next season.


Shinjiro Hiyama, Atsushi Nomi, and Ryo Asai took part in the 5th Annual Athlete World Baseball Clinic for Kids earlier today.  About 350 kids, spread across 22 teams attended the clinic at Wakasa Stadium in Kyoto.