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Chunichi Dragons News and Notes: December 6, 2010

by on Dec.06, 2010 @ 10:38 pm, under NPB

Kazuki Yoshimi has apparently turned to Core Rhythms to help him build a stronger body that isn't susceptible to injury.

Said Yoshimi, "I actually sweat quite a bit while doing the workouts.  And I feel I'm using muscles I never knew I had.  Unfortunately, I'm in no position to show you what I look like when I do these exercises. ... I want to become more flexible.  I'm also doing some sumo moves.  The doctors at the hospital told me that my body was a little stiff.  Especially my hip area and back.  I'm the type of pitcher that uses his entire body to throw the ball, so this isn't good new for me."


Naomichi Donoue and Takehiro Donoue have apparently become quite popular amongst the fans.  So much so that about 5,300 fans showed up to see the two during a event held by JA Aichi.  To put that into context, about 3,000 people showed up a for a similar event that featured Kosuke Fukudome two years ago and Olympic gold medalist Ayumi Tanimoto drew about 3,100 fans last year.

In addition, N. Donoue is scheduled to attend 6 events before the end of the season while T. Donoue is scheduled to appear at 7 events.