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Hanshin Tigers News and Notes: December 6, 2010

by on Dec.06, 2010 @ 9:58 pm, under NPB

The Tigers announced the following uniform number changes earlier today: Shinji Komiyama will go from 60 to 39 (Akihiro Yano's old number); Yamato from 66 to 0; Takuya Takahama from 36 to 66; Kai-Wen Cheng from 64 to 40; Masashi Sajikihara from 40 to 117; and Yusuke Kuroda from 59 to 121.


The cast on Kenji Jojima's left knee apparently came off recently.  It seems Jojima will spend the rest of December resting and will start taking walks in January.  The Tigers are also ready to accommodate Jojima if he wants to head to Okinawa early (like in January).


Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi is hoping to polish his fastball during the winter in order make his off-speed pitches more efficient.

On Sunday, Shimoyangi oversaw the Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi Dream Cup Nagasaki Kids Softball Tournament, Finals Game.


Atsushi Nomi and Shinjiro Hiyama held a baseball clinic for about 350 kids on Sunday.  Hiyama had the following advice for the kids: mind your manners; be grateful and appreciative; and be an active thinker.