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UPDATE: Hisashi Iwakuma will return to the Eagles in 2011

by on Dec.07, 2010 @ 10:55 am, under MLB, NPB

11:58pm JST

Comment from Senichi Hoshino:

He told me he was returning next season.  I'm not sure if I should be happy or not, it's a little confusing.

11:17pm JST

Some comments from various people:

Eagles' Pitching coach Ryoji Moriyama: It's got to be tough for Iwakuma, but for the team this is big.  I'd like him to do his best next season as an anchor in the starting rotation.

Iwakuma's step father and Eagles' Ni-gun Ikusei coach, Koji Hirohashi: It's too bad that his dream fell apart, and I'm sure he was shocked at first, but he'll be ok because he's pretty good at switching gears. ... [The A's] don't have what the Japanese call sincerity. ... As the father of my daughter, I hear [Oakland] isn't very safe, so it worked out.  You have to think positively.

2:36pm JST

Slusser tweets that the A's and Iwakuma simply couldn't get things done even thought they wanted to.  And it seems the A's also made it "...clear to Iwakuma that they'll have interest in him next year when he is a free agent."

10:55am JST

According to Susan Slusser's latest report, a deal between the Oakland A's and Hisashi Iwakuma appears highly unlikely.

A snip:

With four-plus hours to go before the deadline to sign Iwakuma, that's looking pretty unlikely; Beane said the sides have not talked today. A source in Japan told me this morning that talks continued - and technically, that was correct, because when the sides last talked, it was today, Monday, in Japan. Now it's Tuesday morning there, and no sign that Iwakuma and his agent, Don Nomura, are backing off their desire for $12 million per year; the A's are offering around $9 million with the posting fee included.

It's starting to look even more as if the A's will get their $19.1 million posting fee back, possibly to apply to another Japanese player - free-agent target Hideki Matsui.

Sports Hochi also adds that Iwakuma probably didn't help matters over the 24 hours so, especially after rumors started spreading that he already decided to stay in Japan and was planning on holding a press conference on the 8th to make it official.