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Player signings: December 7, 2010

by on Dec.07, 2010 @ 4:10 pm, under NPB

Here is a partial list of players that signed today. For a more complete list, please check out the NPB Salaries section (updated once a day, usually late at night).

Player Team 2011 Change Source
Arai, Takahiro HAN 200.0M yen 0 Daily Sports
Kawashima, Keizo YAK 26.5M yen -8.5M yen Sanspo
Kawabata, Shingo YAK 18.0M yen +8.0M yen Daily Sports
Chono, Hisayoshi YOM 35.0M yen +20.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Kobayashi, Futoshi YOK 18.0M yen -40.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Fukuda, Takehiro YOK 7.8M yen +1.8M yen Nikkan Sports
Takeda, Hisashi HAM 160.0M yen -30.0M yen Daily Sports
Hirano, Yoshihisa OR 72.0M yen +30.0M yen Sanspo
Kondo, Kazuki ORI 49.0M yen +4.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Komatsu, Satoshi ORI 45.0M yen -3.0M yen Sanspo
Katsuki, Ryota ORI 38.0M yen +5.0M yen Jiji Press
Arakane, Hisao ORI 28.0M yen +8.0M yen Jiji Press
Watanabe, Shunsuke LOT 140.0M yen 0 Nikkan Sports
Ono, Shingo LOT 100.0M yen -5.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Kataoka, Yasuyuki SEI 170.0M yen +60.0M yen Daily Sports
Nakamura, Takeya SEI 125.0M yen -25.0M yen Nikkan Sports
Kawasaki, Munenori SOF 240.0M yen +90.0M yen Sanspo
Settsu, Tadashi SOF 95.0M yen +45.0M yen Daily Sports
Otonari, Kenji SOF 35.0M yen -4.0M yen Nikkan Sports