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Rakuten Eagles: We didn’t post Iwakuma for the money

by on Dec.08, 2010 @ 1:48 pm, under NPB

Hisashi Iwakuma was quoted as saying the following:

More than feeling disappointed, I'm feeling relieved.  I'll work towards helping this team win next year. ... I was really concerned about whether they really wanted me.  I hope that the posting system improves over time.


Club rep Jun Yoneda spoke to reporters today and said that the Eagles were never in it for the money.

"It's really too bad [Iwakuma's] dream didn't come true," said Yoneda.  "On the other hand, the fact we won't be losing him is big for us.  It ultimately worked out for the best for us."

Yoneda then added, "It isn't as if we posted him in order to make money.  So it really isn't a big deal."


Don Nomura held a press conference in Sendai earlier today and said that the A's offer was low and that they weren't being sincere.  Nomura said that while the A's were hoping Iwakuma would break and take the offer, he advised Iwakuma not to accept because it would create a bad precedent for future players.

And while the A's did up their offer a little, Nomura said that they pointed to Iwakuma becoming a free agent next year as a reason for not raising their offer more.


Daisuke Matsuzaka was apparently a little disappointed about what happened to Hisashi Iwakuma and said that the posting system likely needed some changes.

"Iwakuma became a sacrifice," said Matsuzaka.  "I'm sure he's feeling really disappointed / frustrated.  It almost happened to me.  But unless something like this happens, nothing will ever get done.  Now there's a reason to, at the very least, discuss the [problems in the posting system]."

Matsuzaka also suggested Iwakuma do his best next season so that he could go where he wanted (in the US) in 2012.


UPDATE: added comments from Iwakuma.